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  Gil Mizrahi e569d0462d update to stackage lts 17 8 months ago
  Gil Mizrahi 7d5cd9c2a2 Starting to design closures, small refactor 9 months ago
  Gil Mizrahi 4e36fabc37 update stackage snapshots to 16.26 and fix a warning with zig0.7 10 months ago
  soupi fac95d39ed Adding a string array throwaway test + underflow detection 1 year ago
  soupi 8057219426 compareResult test refactor, PROGRAM_SIZE constant 1 year ago
  gilmi f9268372a8 Add LICENSE 1 year ago
  soupi 129d70da1f Whoops! Found this bug while skimming the stream video :) 1 year ago
  gilmi e3e1afef89 Add pipeline badge 1 year ago
  soupi 84ea5d1551 Adding .gitlab-ci.yml 1 year ago
  soupi 75d0f17a29 add link to design.org from readme 1 year ago
  soupi 626bdaebda Arrays tests, small gc bugfix. 1 year ago
  soupi b4beb02113 Refactor tests module 1 year ago
  soupi 7f45516897 initial design doc 1 year ago
  soupi 2385a6585a Add Tasks sections 1 year ago
  soupi 93d51b4138 Design template 1 year ago
  soupi 0ef35a0b34 Adding a README 1 year ago
  soupi 2825a201fb Update todo 1 year ago
  soupi 950d3155c8 heap index opcode 1 year ago
  soupi 8cf8e7d602 Cons 1 year ago
  soupi d9d0cbbddb Replace unsigned types with uint 1 year ago
  soupi 1ac1817750 Pointer chasing in GC - Still needs testing. Will be done after lists 1 year ago
  soupi 29f6ca36ec Revising tagging scheme 1 year ago
  soupi 19d67c3cdc Gen1 garbage collection 1 year ago
  soupi 07bd0a9ffe Reorganize files 1 year ago
  soupi a503d82ca9 valgrind + cleanup 1 year ago
  soupi 382d333b4d Added garbage collection (initial work) 1 year ago
  soupi 59f2a5641c HeapObject + StackObject 1 year ago
  soupi 9d229fc843 Heap allocated strings + printStr 1 year ago
  soupi 038f61ec8a Minor VM refactor 1 year ago
  soupi 54f452968a code as bytes + Tests 1 year ago
  soupi 1c9fe1a920 Read binary program from file + tests init work 1 year ago
  soupi c7dff888c6 swap ops order 1 year ago
  soupi 455e162db4 add, swap, pop 1 year ago
  soupi b1139c5766 print 17 1 year ago
  soupi 9a1d464708 Add todo 1 year ago
  soupi 2cb63a2df9 hello 1 year ago