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  Gil Mizrahi 074d1fa0e9 Update stackage lts + add windows build instructions 3 weeks ago
  Gil Mizrahi 6981925221 update to stackage lts 17 10 months ago
  soupi 872687912a resize window 2 years ago
  soupi dfd77c6636 If, bullet transparency and speed, enter for textbox, auto restart after death. 2 years ago
  soupi 9503d4fe40 Update package and bump version 2 years ago
  soupi 1d2a35b806 bugfix: Use haltMusic instead of pauseMusic when exiting 2 years ago
  soupi 558d5f8030 Update stackage snapshot to 13.24 2 years ago
  soupi ec9b35ecb9 regulate fps instead of using VSync 2 years ago
  soupi 3500afd7a8 Button from app to src, import cleanups 3 years ago
  soupi 928784cc16 Rename State to Scene 3 years ago
  soupi 4b57b426ee bullets color change 3 years ago
  soupi 214f74d525 Make nyx's bullet more visible 3 years ago
  soupi f967c20131 update readme 3 years ago
  soupi 424b6277c6 Fade actions, revision on ending 3 years ago
  soupi 2040cff42f astral animation sprite 3 years ago
  soupi 995c535866 cleanup deps 3 years ago
  soupi 7ca681118a --small 3 years ago
  soupi 6914bdb324 Astral assets, sprite and hitbox for enemy 3 years ago
  soupi b0ae9b9ead More music 3 years ago
  soupi 6c682f070a small script tweaks 3 years ago
  soupi f453b59ff0 Ending credits 3 years ago
  soupi 3d0b74fc7d keys screen 3 years ago
  soupi 495a7e0878 FadeIn, vnbg on start and pick stage screens 3 years ago
  soupi 3e2bdee006 fade out, separate end from boss. 3 years ago
  soupi ae1d6aef71 boss death sequence, R instead of C key 3 years ago
  soupi 293966603f Scripts: restart, music, intro 3 years ago
  suppi 039fcd7880 set sdl2-mixer to 1.1.0 3 years ago
  soupi 07469340be hide pick stage behind cheat 3 years ago
  soupi 18473716bf Mute, pause visuals for VN, quit for VN. sdl 3 years ago
  soupi ec2348142f use BS.readFile and keep that in a Map instead of Mix.Music - nasty bug 3 years ago
  soupi b4373b38db only pause and resume on change 3 years ago
  soupi b5c8fc9e5b Adding a customer and a pick stage button 3 years ago
  soupi 4cd26f0c85 pause and mute text, shake after boss kill 3 years ago
  soupi 79939a5a62 better support for joystick and keyboard together 3 years ago
  soupi e00f0f9274 Add pause button, disable controller as it clashes with keyboard 3 years ago
  soupi 68efca2e2f adding buggy controller support 3 years ago
  soupi 682ee23950 mute music button 3 years ago
  soupi 374675dfda adding nyx's avatar 3 years ago
  soupi 078cb11f97 animated nyx 3 years ago
  soupi 2f04705e2a rectangle hitbox 3 years ago
  soupi f294f263a2 update sprites, turn nyx 3 years ago
  soupi 152b003f0b new assets - bg, enemies, nyx 3 years ago
  soupi e1444ff6ec Break enemies on defeat ("particles" system) 3 years ago
  soupi 772bbbd7a0 Pause when window is hidden 3 years ago
  soupi 69a92c5fbd Update readme, levels and bg music 3 years ago
  soupi 7506bc45e8 transparent rin img 3 years ago
  soupi 57d8c4bbcd small adjustments and intro 3 years ago
  soupi 082f3ac178 script update 3 years ago
  soupi cd6529ee63 Textbox auto multilining 3 years ago
  soupi 5f75c91ffa update intro 3 years ago