users management for scotty
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My scotty users boilerplate

User registration, authentication, sessions and boilerplate.

It uses:

  • scotty for routing and actions
  • lucid for html
  • persistent and sqlite for the users database
  • stm for the in memory session store
  • cookie and clientsession for the cookies
  • password (bcrypt) for storing password hashes

How to use

Check the example.

This library provides user registration, authentication and session functionality.

To do this do the following things:

  1. At the beginning of the program:

    1. Create an sqlite database connection pool. (Check out the example)
    2. Initialize the sqlite database tables with dbMigrations using the connection pool
    3. Initialize the session store with initSessionStore and get back a SessionStore
  2. Call router from your routing so it will take care of the user registration, login and logout pages

  3. Use loginOrLogout to welcome the user and provide links for the registration, login or logout pages

  4. Use withLogin for ActionMs that require a logged-in user.

Run the example


stack run

and go to http://localhost:8080