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  Gil Mizrahi dd265ce071 Fix titles 3 months ago
  Gil Mizrahi 3e083d2424 comment out using docker 6 months ago
  Gil Mizrahi ad79df7f5f Add support for previews/twitter cards 6 months ago
  Gil Mizrahi 0e80d3c441 Breaking changes: change --domain flag behaviour + remove visit metric 8 months ago
  Gil Mizrahi c90d662bc9 fix css to not overflow images 9 months ago
  soupi 5095b9c040 update version to v0.7.1 1 year ago
  soupi da6f38d8d7 use musl, update license, update dark.css 1 year ago
  Matt Doughty 3f15bdc8c0 Update README.md 1 year ago
  soupi b34ba54e15 Update to stackage lts-16.15, add favicon and remove circle.yml 1 year ago
  soupi 75394d8a22 add visits metrics 2 years ago
  soupi 6c81551bd3 Home page and better mobile support for the light theme 3 years ago
  Gil Mizrahi 43fa1dafd8 adding rss feed 4 years ago
  Gil Mizrahi 980504b937 bump version to 0.5.1 5 years ago
  Gil Mizrahi 766d16589d adding blog title to args parser 5 years ago
  Gil Mizrahi 783a547bb7 a better arguments parser 5 years ago
  Gil Mizrahi b105d18a16 version bump to 0.4.1 5 years ago
  Gil Mizrahi 143c525685 removing highlight.js from non-page/post pages. theme arg option. minor fixes to dark/light themes 5 years ago
  suppi 47a2cf763f Update circle.yml 5 years ago
  suppi 31c85978c2 updating circle.yml to finally work 5 years ago
  suppi 0feb2712a0 adding hackage svg in readme 5 years ago
  suppi 0d6c7e560f fixing small configuration stuff 5 years ago
  suppi 50c223107d adding circle.yml 5 years ago
  suppi 57360ef4e2 Changing path, adding a Transformer for ScottyT to pass a config, API changes, 0.4.0 5 years ago
  suppi 2bb027aad3 Update light.css 5 years ago
  suppi 62f2b1d693 Update dark.css 5 years ago
  suppi 05e01d9a60 update readme 6 years ago
  suppi 58c7ec699e version bump to 0.3 6 years ago
  suppi 1660893688 run with tls, untested 6 years ago
  suppi e9b7387a86 adding post list by year/month/day 6 years ago
  suppi ff07ccd280 bugfix: catching the errors on readFile 6 years ago
  suppi 07088785fc refactoring Post 6 years ago
  suppi a7e29489b2 refactoring pages 6 years ago
  suppi 8df5007d27 Delete solarized_light.css 6 years ago
  suppi 61f3b93106 Delete obsidian.css 6 years ago
  suppi 43730583c9 adding background to single-line code and version bump 6 years ago
  suppi 9b8e7fe4b8 Update light.css 6 years ago
  suppi c798298b79 Update light.css 6 years ago
  suppi 5547c6906e Update Settings.hs 6 years ago
  suppi 6b06d5892a updating highlight.js themes 6 years ago
  suppi 79a554edb4 updating font size and footer color in light.css 6 years ago
  suppi a53b9bafd8 updating dark and light themes 6 years ago
  suppi 56d645bca4 separating lib from exec and adding stack file 6 years ago
  suppi c261c050ce removing the bottom border on .post 6 years ago
  suppi a0f06e8306 pages bugfix 6 years ago
  suppi c3833bdf4d pages 6 years ago
  suppi d303ed8ac0 adding footer and header as title 6 years ago
  suppi 65e7614183 adding a light theme 6 years ago
  suppi 735aa3c4f2 adding settings file 6 years ago
  suppi fb9225a286 adding license note 6 years ago
  suppi 6f57c295d9 more cleanup 6 years ago