A compiler for a purely functional programming language with emphasis on structural typing

最后更新于 5 天前

A simple blogging platform with Haskell and Scotty

最后更新于 1周前

An impure, mostly functional, statically type inferred programming language targeting javascript and built on stream. Superseded by Giml

最后更新于 4 周前

A bytecode interpreter for statically typed functional languages. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKsOAJzfLgE&list=PLhMOOgDOKD4JV2AgL1XzoYanY6RpGKbNa

最后更新于 2 个月前

a silly little programming language inspired by datalog.

最后更新于 2 个月前

A bulletin board website app built with haskell and scotty. video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCR6re3PBNk

最后更新于 2 个月前

users management for scotty

最后更新于 2 个月前

最后更新于 5 个月前

Minimalistic website for link sharing

最后更新于 9 个月前

Implementing uniplate combinators using GHC Generics. Some partial results: https://gilmi.me/static/misc/blog-stuff/generic-plate-results.html

最后更新于 1年前